Patch Notes - 1.14


  • Dungeon 5 - We have added the backend code for Dungeon 5, this new dungeon will introduce a new rarity called Mythic which has a 1/2400 chance of dropping. As well as new enemies and art to enjoy!


  • Arms & Armor - This new section of the Inn introduces a way to see loot that you've discovered thus far. If you are a current player you will have to go back and re-discover loot, enjoy diving back in!

  • Replay Button - We know that replaying a dungeon over and over can be tedious when grinding. So we added a big replay button to help you navigate the menu more easily.

  • Are You Sure? - There is now a popup that will come up if you are trying to equip loot that is not as good as your current loot. I know this is a community favorite.

Bug Fixes:

  • Statuses now will land for the player.

  • All coin and exp boost costs have been balanced.

  • More small bug fixes.

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