Patch Notes - 1.25: ENDLESS

Updated: Mar 11

Endless Dungeon:

  • NEW GAME MODE: Completely new game mode in game called Endless Dungeon.

  • Runes: A new loadout system that aids you in your dungeon run. Slot in 6 different runes that all have their own abilities and charge times.

  • Leaderboard: It is accompanied by a leaderboard. Go for the high score, but make sure you flee in order to lock it in!

Nikol's Card Backs:

  • Card Backs: Customize your DD experience with Card Backs! They are completely optional cosmetics that you can either buy with gems or earn with the new currency called Tickets.

  • Tickets: These Gold Tickets can be earned in the Endless Dungeon and can only be used on Card Backs.

Name Changes:

  • In the Inn: You can now go to your Dungeon Diary in the Inn and tap the pencil icon to edit your name.

  • In the Leaderboards: If you don't have a name set, and you go to the leaderboards for Endless Dungeon. You will be prompted to set a username.

Other Updates:

  • Daily Ad Quests: We have added Tickets as a daily ad quest reward. Don't forget to watch your daily ads to get bonus tickets to buy that card back you've been eyeing!

  • Bug fixes: We have been fixing up some bugs such as a bug with syncing data between the server.

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